Gun maintenance:

We offer firearm maintenance and cleaning services regardless of the mechanism (rocker, pump, semi-auto...). You must leave your gun with us and we will call you when the job is done so you can collect your gun. The delay varies from a few days to more than a week depending on the time of year. 

 Purchase of used firearms, crossbows and bows:

You want to sell a used weapon, crossbow or bow? Make an appointment with one of our specialists who will evaluate your weapon. We buy and exchange most models of weapons, crossbows and bows. * You inherit a weapon, do not hold a license (PPA) or the weapons are not registered? No problem, we can still buy your weapon(s) legally. 


At L’aviron, archery is one of our specialties. We have over 30 years of experience in bow sales, fitting and maintenance. Whether it is to adjust the extension, change your string, maintenance or repair of arrows, trust our experts! 

Crossbow maintenance:

Need a new string for your crossbow? We have a large quantity of rope in stock for the Excalibur, Ten Point, Center Point, Rocky Mountain, Killer Instinct and other models... We also offer a telescope adjustment service.

  Reel spooling (Fishing):

Need fishing line in your reel? You can choose a spool in store and we will fill your reel for you or choose from our selection of bulk lines (Trilene, Stren, Spiderwire...).

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